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It doesn't feel like a semester has passed. As an active community in the small village of Taiftob in the mountains of Mollo, Timor, we are almost doing well this semester.

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And as an arts community that is excited to revive literacy and contextual education (a model of education based on local knowledge related to cultural arts, history, agriculture, ecology, etc.) we are happy and grateful to be surrounded by so many good people: excited children, parents who are always willing to be involved, the volunteers and donors who always support us.

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We are also building a new library and art center, as a new public space in our village that can be accessed by anyone.

In the course of this semester, of course there are many things that have been passed. Mama Marlinda Nau and mama Reverend Venny Bessie with a biweekly program with the Family Forum with children with disabilities, creative writing class #ToTheLighthouse which will soon publish a collection of short stories, their third book.

This semester we also have some volunteer friends, both artists and teachers. Among others, Lucina from Poland, Royyan Julian a writer from Madura and Iven Manning, a teacher and translator from Perth Australia. The three of them participated in teaching volunteer English and creative writing in our village, in collaboration with SMPK St. Yoseph Freinademetz When.

We are proud that the children who are active in the Lakoat Kujawas Community continue to grow wonderfully. The self-confidence, courage and resilience as children and adolescents were evident and it was recognized by their teachers in formal schools. As a community, we are happy to have supported their education in formal schools, supporting them to grow optimally. "Lakoat children are always different from children who have not joined Lakoat." Said Mama Mety, one of the parents in our village.

This is a mandate. We continue to strive to strengthen the ecosystem of active citizens along with the Church, schools, traditional leaders, village government and community groups. Including friends of volunteers and donors. Thank you all for your kindness.

At the end of the semester, as usual, we scheduled an open donation program as a reward for the 120 children of the Lakoat library members.

I hope for all their achievements in school and in the community, all their ways to contribute in creating the village as a comfortable and friendly place to live for everyone including themselves. For that we are holding this open donation program.

What Are the Forms of Support?

If you want to get involved, you can donate notebooks, billboards, drawing books, crayons and pencils. Also reading books to add to our library collection, children's reading books, children's magazines, fairy tale books, comics and youth reading books (youth novels, poetry books and short stories) and encyclopedias.

How to send Donate Info?

Please send at least 1 person 1 pack of notebooks and 1 pack of bullet points, or one magazine or any other reading book that children and teenagers can read. It can be in the form of goods or money (will be spent by Lakoat.Kujawas).

Goods can be sent to our address: Lakoat.Kujawas Library, Jalan Kampung Baru No. 2 Taiftob Village, Mollo Utara Subdistrict, TTS Regency, NTT 85552.

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