Why the Internet Makes People Addicted?

Source : Why the Internet Makes People Addicted? – Maybe not a few people who directly seek to connect with the internet gadgets since waking from sleep. There’s even a nighttime sleep cycles are disturbed because of the internet can not be separated.

Excerpted from the website LiveScience, Tuesday, May 28, 2013, the internet addiction like this is actually influenced by the structure of the Internet itself. “The Internet is not addictive in the way of drugs. But the internet is a compulsive activity, very interesting and diverting attention,” said Tom Stafford, an expert in cognitive psychology from the University of Sheffield, UK.

Email and social media has a structure similar machine casino reward system: results issued many are junk, but not infrequently also raises the jackpot. Jackpot in the context of the internet could be the latest information or gossip, or a funny video from YouTube.

Why the Internet Makes People Addicted?


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