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Sabtu, Maret 16, 2013

Genius and idiot

| Sabtu, Maret 16, 2013
We all wear glasses that distort our vision. Most people call it "bias" or "prejudice", but for psychologists, these schemas and core beliefs. Usually, we consider the bias as something that affects the way we see others. But it can also affect how we see ourselves.

Imagine two accounting expertise in two very well-managed companies. One of them thinks he is a genius, while the other feels like an impostor. What would happen if they were preparing a spreadsheet with an unexplained loss of a million dollars?

Well, genius could tell his boss panicked verify the figures that have been provided. He never again question his own work. The first thing would be to check the impostor his work, because he is still trying to compensate for what it perceives as shortcomings.

via Genius and idiot

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