Prediction of El Clasico, Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

El Clasico match was held again at the Camp Nou on Monday (8/10) morning later. The party will be emotionally draining both the team and the fans. Moreover, this time the match El Clasico was held just a month from a large-scale demonstrations demanding Catalan independence from Spain.

As is known, 11 September 2012, 1.5 million people gathered in the Catalan city of Barcelona, ​​Catalan independence demands. This is the biggest demonstration in Barcelona. Demonstration is done every year to commemorate the siege of Barcelona 300 years ago.

Now, the same emotions channeled through football. Barcelona is considered to represent the citizens Catalan, while Real Madrid as the embodiment of the Spanish government. So naturally if Barcelona fans will support desperately to Barcelona. They want Barcelona to beat Real Madrid.

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