The New Works by Vincent Van Gogh Was Discovered

Two new works by Vincent van Gogh discovered The authorship of a work, which is a vase full of roses and wild flowers, was attributed to Van Gogh, while another image, oldest, was also detected under the paint of the same canvas, announced the Dutch museum Kröller Müller.

A new technique for the Dutch university of TU Delft and the University of Antwerp revealed the older image which shows two men wrestling. The painter was referring to this work in a letter to his brother, whose Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is in possession.

It is probably true of a painting as scientists recognize beyond doubt the technique and the colors of the master. “This discovery is very special,” said Professor Joris Dik of the Delft University. Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890), one of the most famous Dutch artists in the world, is known for his expressive brush strokes and use of bright colors and clear.

The painter has produced almost 840 paintings, more than 1000 drawings and a large number of watercolors and lithographs although his career has only lasted ten years (between 1880 and 1890).



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