Trisomy 18 News Updated

Trisomy 18 - Rick Santorum Daughter's Bella Treated Many children are born with the disease do not survive more than a year. In fact, fetuses die before birth. And when children are born with trisomy 18, many of them die because of problems and deterioration of the immune system. Then more problems there.

"Rick and his wife Karen recognize their daughter Bella Hospital of Philadelphia Children's tonight," Hogan Gidley representative said in a statement on Saturday evening, adding that "Rick intends to return to Florida to resume a campaign schedule as soon as possible." Santorum was to appear on NBC `` Meet Press''et go to church in Miami. Officials did not cancel the event on Sunday afternoon in Sarasota and Punta Gorda.

Trisomy 18 - Rick Santorum Daughter's Bella Treated



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