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Sabtu, November 26, 2011

The Way to Protect Your Dry Skin

| Sabtu, November 26, 2011
Our skin is one of the most important and the largest organ of our body, weighs less than five kg. Helps protect the body’s organs and keep all the important parts of the body together.

Here is the Way to Protect Your Dry Skin – Healthy skin is something everyone is looking for. We are all concerned about how our skin looks. Whether you are looking to improve dry skin, or simply trying to maintain the existing natural healthy skin, you should be able to achieve a greater understanding of what actually happens with the skin.

Exposure to the sun The stratum corneum is the top of your skin. Makes about 23 layers of flat cells dry skin, this outer layer meets with fat fat, tallow and peptides in the body to form a wall against harmful external agents. For a great future, dry skin, it is best to keep them in perfect condition. Increased exposure to sunlight can destroy and damage. Therefore, put on sunscreen lotions such as sunscreen or a hat, if you are still outdoors.

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