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Jumat, Oktober 28, 2011

Ellemment, The Ultimate Bus in The World Right Now

| Jumat, Oktober 28, 2011
If this bus passes in front of us, her figure is unique, it will definitely make us stunned and amazed. Windshield design is unusual: high and oval. The bottom, like monyong lips again!

elleMMent, The Ultimate Bus in the World Right Now – Admiration will grow, if allowed to enter into it. Moreover, if the owner demonstrates a variety of facilities within it. There is therefore a judge, the vehicle named this elleMMent – designed and made by Marchi Mobile GmbH in Vienna, Austria – as the most luxurious bus on our planet.

Biomorphic According to Marchi, the bus was made not only displays luxury, must also bring new nuances. For this reason, the bus was designed with biomorphic elements, combining characters and functional design.

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