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Beware The Dangers of Cervical Cancer - One type of cancer is a scourge for the Eve is cervical cancer or cervical cancer. This cancer is a type of cancer is the second most common disease worldwide that commonly affects women over the age of 15 years.

In fact, the world’s approximately 500 thousand women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and an average of 270,000 deaths annually, or in other words every two minutes a woman dies from cervical cancer.

While in Asia, cervical cancer is cancer in both women suffered most and more than half of Asian women who died of cervical cancer. This is equivalent to 226ribu women diagnosed with cervical cancer and as many as 143ribu cause of death or in other words every 4 minutes, a woman in the Asia Pacific region died of cervical cancer.
According to Drs. A. M. Puguh, SpOG, in Indonesia, cervical cancer is the number one most common cancer suffered by women of Indonesia. In 2001, new cases of cervical cancer than the total number of 2429 cases of cancer, so it is a rank one, namely 25.91 percent of overall cancer.

Still according to Dr. Puguh, all women who are sexually active, have an increased risk of cervical cancer or infected with early stages of this disease regardless of age or lifestyle. Cervical cancer is cancer that can affect women with backgrounds and different ages from all over the world. If withdrawn average, cervical cancer is often infect and kill women in the productive age of 30-50 years which at that time they still have the economic and social responsibility towards children and other family members.

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