6 Steps eyelash More flicks

Tapering eyelashes become every woman’s dream. Tapering not just clamp theeyelash eyelash curler with a tool is still there the next steps. Here are the steps:

  1. tips 150x150 6 Steps  eyelash More flicks The first step used to clean the remnants of mascara mascara brush attached tousing a towel to dry.
  2. The second step hold the brush with a vertical finger position (perpendicular) to themascara wand. Then apply mascara while starting from a place to grow until the end of the eyelashes, brush rotate slowly.
  3. Hold the brush and the tip of the eyelashes by using your fingers for a few seconds itwill create a curved tip eyelashes.
  4. To prevent clumping, immediately mascara that second layer member, prior to thefirst layer mongering.
  5. Do not miss the inside of the lashes, for the lashes stay strong ’survive’ in shape.Apply mascara with a brush perpendicular direction to achieve it.
  6. And before the mascara dries, comb your eyelashes ddengan specifically for eyelashcomb to separate lashes are ’fused’.


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