"Iron Man 3" to more than 2 million entries

Iron Man 3″ to more than 2 million entries – “Iron Man 3″ superproduciton the Marvel Studios / Disney starring Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce, totaled 2,064,740 spectators in France (740 rooms) in its first week of operation. Wednesday, May 1, the first Hollywood blockbuster of the season attracted nearly 300,000 entries in France nearly 80 000 Paris-periphery.

Already “Iron Man3″ exceeded the score of the first episode that had attracted 2 million admissions in 2008 and is poised to soon surpass the 2.5 million entries of the second episode in 2010. Moreover, “Iron Man 3″ reported its producers $ 195 million in revenue in the 45 countries where it was released last weekend. Or $ 10 million more than “Avengers” last year over the same period, and in which Robert Downey Jr. resumed his character Iron Man. This Friday, “Iron Man 3″ will invade American screens and can be expected to record revenue at the box office during the weekend.

Among the new performers of the “Iron Man 3″, there is the British-Australian actor Guy Pearce, 45, where he puts the clothes of “evil.” Revealed in 1994 cult film drag queens “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”, Guy Pearce cast his beefy silhouette in forty films, “THE Confidential “(1997) to” Memento “(2000), to” The Hurt Locker “(2008),” The King’s Speech “(2010) and” Prometheus “(2012). With Ben Kingsley alias Mandarin, it is one of deuxméchants of “Iron Man 3″. “I just think I have a wide range of tastes for the roles that I like to play,” he said in an interview with AFP. “I am not particularly comfortable with the idea of doing all the time the same. I did a long time ago when I played a character for four years for a television series in Australia. I never do it again. “

“Iron Man 3″ to more than 2 million entries – In “Iron Man 3″, so it interprets Aldrich Killian, a scientist with a fluid capable of transforming humans into mutants with super powers. A character engaged “in a headlong rush. He does not know when to stop. This refers to the power and the accumulation of power, “says the actor. Guy Pearce was not particularly worried about getting late in the saga characters already installed. “I’m nervous at the beginning of any movie I do. But Robert Downey Jr. made it clear he wanted to hear what we could bring “the film, he says. He concluded: “I think one of the brilliant things Iron Man, this is what Robert gives the role. I really think that if the films do as well, it is because he brings that kind of characters a certain irreverence, irony and wit. I’m not really sure what I could bring, “

Source : “Iron Man 3″ to more than 2 million entries

"Iron Man 3" to more than 2 million entries


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