Chile opens a bidding process for 4G under new conditions

Chile opens a bidding process for 4G under new conditions Chile Telecommunications Sub-Secretary of the 2.5 GHz spectrum suitable for 4G deployment, led the call for proposals. This process, among other things, with the new conditions of purchase, quality requirements and will carry coverage of the rural area.

These institutions, in accordance with the tender specifications will be announced next December 16. Issue of a license, during the first semester in 2012. Thinker and willing to offer three 20 MHz frequency blocks will be in effect for more than one block access.

Chile Telecommunications Sub-Secretary Jorge Atton, process, higher quality requirements, such as the new conditions will be included in the reported MVNO'lar entered the arrival and use of networks by third parties, sharing of infrastructure facilities to promote the arrival of the Internet. 560 in rural areas, currently, among other conditions, that do not rely on the connection.

Currently, Entel, Claro and Movistar Chile operates in the market, but new players will join the market soon, Nextel, and Virgin Mobile as the VTR.



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