Selecting Wicker Furniture

Furniture made of wicker is also available with manmade synthetic fibers, which can be much longer lasting. These synthetic materials include polyethylene, fiberglass & resin. Natural fibers include cane, rattan, & bamboo. Lots of key pieces of the furniture are created by weaving narrow reeds or strips of wood together using a loom. The completed piece of furniture is often treated with chemicals to protect against excessive wear & tear. This treating will often add UV protection (to reduce fading from the sun) & waterproof or water resistant coatings. This is a lovely option when using the furniture exclusively outside.

Wicker furniture is a popular choice for use as garden or patio furniture. The basic design of wicker furniture is any type made of natural, untreated wood woven together, often in intricate patterns. Another type of wicker styles is rattan furniture. Because making this type of furniture takes a long time due to time necessary to prepare the wood & fiber materials & is often labor intensive, this style of wicker furniture is often more pricey than furniture created of manmade materials. Additionally, wicker style furniture requires special care as the wooden fibers are more liable to breakage & decay while outside over a significant period of time. This will make sure investment last longer.

When looking for finish tables, there is lots of types of tiny wicker tables available. When shopping for this type of furniture, you can think about either completed (untreated) or completed products (for example UV treated). Unfinished wicker pieces are great options to think about when you are looking for something that can be customized for your style. They can be painted or stained to your exact specifications. Traditionally, wicker is usually completed in white paint, but you can select any color you like. More modern wicker pieces are completed in lots of other colors including browns & greens.

Wicker is not comfortable to use as seating, so be sure to also incorporate cushions or stool pillows to make relaxing in your outdoor furniture a more pleasant experience. These cushions are often sold as a set with the furniture; however, you can also purchase additional cushions separately. Check out lots of options for custom made patio cushions that are available on the net or from local home improvement stores. This is ideal when using wicker in an all-seasons or sunroom since you will need to coordinate with other pieces of furniture or curtains in the room.


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Wicker furniture will always provide you comfort and elevate the style of your homes.

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